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Wreath substitute

Happy New Year! The hubs and I enjoyed the day off with sleeping for entirely too long, a hearty breakfast, The Office reruns, and lots of Fruit Ninja. (free for ipad and android if you’re looking to kill time) I had some time for crafting too, which always makes for a great day!

I recently repurposed my front door wreath in my dining room decor, so I was in need of something out there to identify us. We haven’t had a door number on our apartment door for months (thanks for nothing property manager) so I found the perfect solution.

I’ve had this teal L laying around since the wedding, so it was time for a facelift:


I used a light gray over the whole letter and used painters tape to give it some darling little stripes. Having been raised by a woman who painted every room in our house 3-4 times each over the years and never once used painters tape, I’m surprised I even had this in the house, but it really was perfect for this project. I used a fan to dry the paint between coats. I am NOT a patient person.


I painted the stripes with a darker gray because that’s just what I had lying around. I removed the tape before the paint completely dried and stuck the tape to the letter. I highly suggest this.


After another round in front of the fan, I added our name with my new stamping letters that I LOVE, hot glued on our numbers and hung with ribbon.




Please ignore the ugly apartment-standard door buzzer thingy. Gosh am I ready to have my OWN door. So there it is folks. Easy Peasy. Hope you each had a great day off with your families recovering from New Years Eve festivities.

Oh, before I go- Here’s my Southeastern Salvage find from today (the french vase):



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