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Winter shelves

This is one of those weekends that you look forward to all week long but it’s over before you know it. I’m squeezing in this post before heading to ladies Bible Study in a few hours and tomorrow will be here way too soon. I worked a 6-day week this past week, so I have 2 days off to look forward to this week!

I have been tweaking this winter shelving scheme for a few weeks now and hadn’t been happy with the result until last night when I had a sudden spurt of crafting inspiration. That’s usually how these things go for me- a good idea followed by a few days with no motivation to make it happen, followed by an idea I can’t wait another minute to sink my hands into and try out. I was browsing Pinterest and came across this adorable blog with a free printable banner alphabet, and I just knew I had found crafting gold. Banners aren’t new to the crafting world, but the cute font plus the fact that the triangles were already drawn made this banner a winner!

Here’s what I did with the banner in my hallway:


And here are the finished shelves in the dining room!





I’m really excited about changing up these shelves for each season (although I might just have to skip the pinks and reds for valentines day… Eck). I got the idea for the shelves from the House of Smiths blog. I am an avid reader and just love everything Shelley comes up with! Please check her out if you have a chance.

What made me smile this week:

This heavenly scented garden rose


And this baby preserved boxwood and vintage pill bottle I snagged at my very favorite Chattanooga thrift store, Merchants on Main- if you live near here, you really need to check them out!


Hope you are enjoying the last moments of weekend freedom!


2 Responses to “Winter shelves”

  1. This looks beautiful, Jamie!
    I love your banners – where do you find them? are they from a printable website or do you create them yourself?


    • JamieLynn says:


      Thanks! I found the template on this blog http://www.shanty-2-chic.com/ they have the entire alphabet plus symbols in their free printables section. Happy crafting, friend! (Let me know how you like your cricut… I have been eying those for some time now!)

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