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Welcome to our Kitchen!

This is my favorite room in the house! It is in the center of our home, connecting right off the dining room.  This is where I cook and wash dishes and bake things with my Kitchen Aid mixer!! and watch all of my favorite plants grow. I just love my kitchen!

As a reminder, here is our kitchen about a year ago when we first moved in:


The back splash was one of our first major house updates after we moved in.


Our island used to be 2 base cabinets sitting back to back with open sides and a handmade wood and poly top. Here we were prepping the island before we covered the sides with palette wood, removed the cabinet doors and painted the cabinet interiors white.


I really hated that old island top!

Check it out now!


Our new stools are from World Market!


These hand towels from 1canoe2 were a gift from Daniel!




These flowers were my Valentine’s present from Daniel! Who ever said florists can’t receive flowers?


The cabinets that the island were made of now act as open shelves. Let me just tell you about open shelves… they are fun to decorate and display cute bowls and vases on, but can we just say dust. These shelves collect a lot of it! But for me, it’s worth the extra work to make the kitchen pretty 🙂


We had considered making this side of the island into drawers for storing dry goods like potatoes and onions but I think now we just want to finish off this side of the island with palette wood.


Here is a close shot of our new island counter top!



Thanks for stopping by and checking out another room!

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  1. Amy azar says:

    Jamie. I freaking love this! Where did you get the wooden tray on your island?

  2. […] island. If you are a regular reader, you have already seen this room go through various stages of change while we updated the back splash, added barn wood to the island, and switched out the island top […]

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