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Ready, Set, Go!


It’s really happening! I can’t believe it’s here and yet I can’t wait for it to be moving day already. Waiting is a killer. I’ve been just fine without a house to decorate for almost an entire year now. I’ve been content blogging my little craft projects and keeping this 2 bedroom apartment tidy. We didn’t even think we would be moving out until May… And I was ok with that.

Until we found our dream house. It was the first house we looked at with our realtor and we had an offer on it the very next day. It was incredible how things fell into place, and I happen to think we had some help in that department. Now it looks like we’ll be moving out of this apartment in about a month and suddenly I’m impatient. We looked at paint colors yesterday at Lowe’s and planned out all of the changes we want to make to the house someday. It’s really hard to wait. I’m just itching to get in there and start making it our home.

These are the colors we liked from our Lowe’s adventure yesterday:

In the very same month that we will be moving into our new home, my parents will be moving out of the home where I spent my childhood. It seems symbolic. An ending and a beginning. But I’m not too sad because this means my parents will be free to travel here and help with all of these grand Reno ideas Daniel and I have dreamed Up. Look forward to many before&after posts for this gal! Until then, I will do my best to learn some patience.