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Refreshed Cabinets

I’m breaking away from the house tour for a week to show the completion of the storage cabinets in the mudroom off the kitchen.

Remember these guys:

outside cabinet doors

Chipping paint (though hard to see in photos), outdated silver and bronze hardware, and lots of white!

full cabinets

Paint cans galore! I actually threw a few of these out today… turns out those last few drops of paint I like holding onto at the bottom of the cans dry up after a few months… oops.

empty with shelves

This project took far too long, and I changed my mind along the way, but I’m really happy with the tools-turned-household storage cabinet unit.


I gave the whole set of cabinets 2 coats of paint and added Ikea frames (painted in the same color) to the upper cabinets. I painted the inside panel of the frames with blue tinted chalkboard paint.


I left the doors off the bottom 2 cabinets to make them locker-style. I added hooks to the back of the unit that will be the perfect height for little toddlers to hang their coats and backpacks some day!


I covered the upper cabinet shelves with teal chevron liner I found on Amazon and filled the shelves with bins and baskets to keep our household items organized. Project complete!

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