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Project day 2

I have been working on our guest bathroom facelift for a few weeks now- almost as long as the dining room, actually. We really enjoy working on our house, but our busy lives (work, puppy, visiting with family, friends, and multiple side businesses) prevent us from finishing projects as quickly as we’d like. With some extra shelf liner I was inspired to spruce up the vanity in this bath. Like the shelves, the vanity interior had been left as raw wood.

vanity 1


vanity 2

It made the vanity look dark and dingy when you opened the doors, even though the outside was in pretty good shape. I cleaned out the tools that were temporarily stored inside and primed everything.

vanity 3

Then I gave it all a nice heavy coat of Snowy Mount by Olympic to match 3 of the walls in that room. It’s such a fresh, bright white! To give it a fun look, I lined the interior with some of the leftover chevron liner from my other project… man that stuff rocks!

vanity 4

I love how this quick project really made a big difference in the vanity. It looks newer, fresher, updated, and way less cave-like. I’m thrilled! This bathroom just needs some baseboard, final decorations, and a window shade/curtain of some sort. It’s really coming along! The big reveal is coming soon!

Tomorrow is molding installation day for the dining room, too! I’m so glad! That room just seems to be dragging on F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Another post coming tomorrow if all goes as planned.

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