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Paper hearts

I gave in. I thought I wouldn’t but after spending lots of time searching for Valentines decor for my workplace, I just couldn’t resist doing something festive here in my little apartment.


I started with a paper heart garland with hearts cut from vintage book pages. The old, yellowed pages had a nice vintage look, so I knew I would have to keep the rest of the setup a little rustic.


I bought a huge pack of patterned paper for a decent price at Michael’s for another project, which provided the perfect deep shade of pink for this paper wreath I whipped up (while watching The Office reruns of course) The nifty candle sticks are from a new thrift store I found just a minute down the road from me, The Speckled Egg. Check it out if you live local!

I saw the True Love print and mason jars on Pinterest and knew they would work perfectly on my shelves. I know these things about myself, and you should too:
1. I have no shame in borrowing from others creativity and
2. I am very efficient at using things I already have lying around.
You know that wreath up there above the top shelf? I’ve reworked that wreath several different ways on my door and several more times on these dining room shelves. Hey, it works!

There you have it. A little Vintage Valentine’s display. Tomorrow is February 1st. Wish me luck as the madness at work (at a flower shop) begins. Needing to send someone some love? I can help with that! www.humphreysflowers.com

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