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Paint Chip Calendar

I saw this idea (on pinterest of course) and just had to give it a try. I’ve been saving the spot on this wall for a calendar for FOREVER (with a piece of paper the size of the frame i knew i wanted). After a Sunday in Atlanta I was finally able to complete the Kitchen Command Center!


What do ya’ think?

I assumed this would be a simple project, but I hit a few snags. First, the matte that came with the frame was so wide, the calendar would have been microscopic, so I had a 1 1/2 inch matte made custom at Michaels. $10 and 24 hours later and I was in business again. Next, after choosing a patterned background paper I loved at Michaels, I had to piece a few sheets together to make a background big enough for this huge 19×19″ frame. Finally, using 7 different colors of paint chips for a 7 day week, I needed to walk out of Lowe’s with a total of 42 paint chips without looking like a jerk. So I kindly asked the paint sales-lady if I could “take as many as I needed” and proceeded to pick my colors. That was the fun part. After some planning and some annoying math to get everything planned out perfectly, I cut out my squares and glued everything down.


Just do me a favor… Don’t look behind the frame. I maybe didn’t measure the hanging area very well. And I maybe didn’t find a stud to set my screw into. Uh, whoops.

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