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New Office, coming soon!

Happy March! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted here… woops. I’ve been trying to nail down exactly how I want this office post to look, and then we were out of town. Daniel and I enjoyed a lovely trip to Hilton Head Island, NC last weekend where we met up with my brother for a few days (my sister joined us later as well). We found a Groupon for a hotel right on the beach, and although the hotel was under construction, the beach was fabulous!  We walked on the beach each morning and drank our so-so continental breakfast coffee, biked all over for an entire afternoon, and dipped our toes in the cold water. Since neither Daniel or I claim to be the “lay out on the beach for hours and get tanned” kinda people, we didn’t mind the cold ocean water or cool beach mornings. It was a lovely unexpected getaway weekend!



One of our early morning walks.


The famous Hilton Head lighthouse at Harbour Town

In other news, we started planning out the future office! Daniel is officially working from home full-time now. His office is in one of the back bedrooms off the living room, and has been since we moved in. We decided a few months ago that the 2 back rooms would be best used as a guest room and future nursery so we planned to eventually move his office. We are finally moving in that direction, at least in theory. Here is how the room now sits after some painting, cleaning, and new crown molding.


This view is from the living room into the office with the laundry room on the far end.


This corning will be where Daniel’s new desk will go.


The opposite side of the room; the tile there is for the laundry room! That’s our next project 🙂


This wall (across from Daniel’s desk) will be for a floor to ceiling bookshelf that we desperately need!

Daniel loves the industrial look so that is kind of our style direction. Because his job is now entirely out of the house, we really need storage that will help keep his supplies organized and all of his not-so-pretty product hidden. Here is the look and feel we’re shooting for.

office mood board1. We already have a gray Ikea rug I was considering for this space, but I’m thinking about adding some mustard-y yellow to brighten this window-less room and this stripey rug is adorable!

2. We are currently hunting our local Craigslist for an old chippy filing cabinet to give the room some character

3. I love this industrial pendant light for above Daniel’s packing/shipping “station” (which will be the concrete table he built a few years ago). This room seriously needs some sweet lighting

4. A cute rolling Ikea shelf for storage. This little guy comes in teal too!

5.  I can imagine a few of these little industrial stools rolled up under the concrete table to save floor space

6. Daniel would love to hang some old framed stock certificates, but I personally love these prints from Joss and Main

7. Vintage-esq baskets for desk storage. I saw desk organizers similar to this at T.J. Maxx. That store really is the best!

8. This grey is our current wall color in the office (Silver Spoon  by Olympic). The yellow beside it would be a nice accent/accessory color… or maybe even for the ceiling if I’m brave enough 🙂

9. I’m loving these pipe and wood shelves that I’m seeing everywhere. The thin pipes will hopefully be less weighty visually than a traditional bookshelf and keep the room from looking overly dark and crowded with furniture.

10. Come on, who doesn’t need a galvanized ampersand for their office wall?

Thanks for checking out our vision for this space! Updates to come as always. As I mentioned above briefly, our next project is tiling the laundry room floor, finally! What projects have you guys been up to?? Also, would a mustard yellow ceiling be completely crazy?

2 Responses to “New Office, coming soon!”

  1. cyndi says:

    Hi Jamie! your house is looking great!! I just moved my office and totally redid the room it is now in! I saw your post and wondered if you were going for an ocean/sea look. That is what I just did and love it. So peaceful and serene. Home Depot has a silver pendant light that is industrial looking very cool if you haven’t found one yet. Do you go to Ikea? I haven’t been but would love to! Can’t wait to see your office makeover!

    • JamieLynn says:

      Hi Cyndi! Just now seeing this comment for some reason. We are not going for an ocean/sea theme. I just realized I have yet to post a full office reveal! We still have one major project to complete, but I may go ahead and post some pictures anyway. I am a huge Ikea fan! I highly recommend. Even if you don’t buy a thing there, you should go just so you can see all their displays and get ideas!

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