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New floor, new office, etc.

Goodness have we been busy! We finally finished the floor in the laundry room that Macy previously destroyed…It’s all good, I still love her. We also dove into creating a new office space for Daniel. In the midst of that project, I started feeling an itch to perfect my own little work space, and we started moving furniture around and dreaming up ideas for the guest room/craft room. We have gradually worked our way from one side of the house (the master bedroom) to the other end (where the two bedrooms are). Though there are still minor cosmetic changes we still want to make in each room, finishing the office and guest room will leave just our little “nursery-to-be” as the final untouched/unfinished space. How exciting!

After tearing up the torn linoleum in the laundry room and choosing the perfect tile, we started playing with tile designs.


I liked this zigzag design, but had a hard time convincing Daniel it was worth all of the extra tile cuts! We ended up doing a nice clean horizontal pattern that works well with the shape of the room.


We went with a dark gray tile with medium gray grout to help conceal all the dirt from traffic through this room to the exterior door. The gray tiles help keep the room from looking like a hospital with so many white walls and the white ceiling.


Now all this room needs is a colorful rug in front of the washer/dryer and some storage on the opposite wall for cleaning supplies!

Moving on…

I think I may have mentioned in earlier posts that Daniel’s office has been in one of the two bedrooms at the back of the house since we first moved in last March! has it really been that long? We have since decided that that room would be better served as an actual bedroom, so we moved his office to the room off the living room (behind our custom barn door). We had thought for many months that it was a project for down the road and there was really no rush to get it done… but with Daniel home full-time now, I think he was really excited to design an office that really fit his needs, so we went ahead dove in! I blogged about some ideas for the space a few weeks ago- we just kinda threw together the things we knew we needed as well as design elements we thought would work. We are going for an industrial/vintage/masculine vibe. Although we have a few more items to knock off the list before the full reveal, here’s a sneak peek of the new office!


A full post coming soon for this office! Unfortunately, what I imagine will be my new favorite room, the office/craft room combo, needs a significant amount of work money. Imagine crisp white beadboard, soft gray walls, possibly a painted ceiling? (still trying to find a way to make that happen in this house) and lots of mint and gold accents. In the meantime, I still owe you all a tour of the master bed/bath.

Thanks so much for reading about my little life. Really, it means the world to me.


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