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Embroidered Christmas Trees


I started following a cute little blog called The Golden Sycamore. On a recent Holiday Home Tour post, I saw the below image and immediately pinned it to recreate myself.


I just loved the simplicity of the trees on the hoops. I decided to tackle this little Holiday project yesterday. I didn’t really want to go out and spend any money, so I just used a few embroidery hoops, thread, and fabric scraps that I already had on hand.

Here are all of the supplies I used:


Embroidery hoop

Neutral Fabric


Embroidery Floss


Fabric Pen (make sure it’s water washable)


Paper cut-out of the image I was embroidering

So, to do this I simply traced the Christmas Tree shape on the fabric with the fabric pen. I then used this YouTube tutorial to learn real quick how to embroider. Basically, you make 1 stitch and then each stitch following is through the previous stitch to make a continuous line on the traced image. I tied off the string on the back side of the hoop when I was done. So easy! I’m not an artist by any means, which is why I simply traced a shape and stitched right on it instead of stitching free-hand, but that’s always an option too. When I was done, I dipped the Q-tip in water ad used that to remove any of the fabric pen that was still visible around the edges of the stitch line.


I am a pretty slow stitcher, so this took me a few hours (while I watched episodes of my new favorite HGTV show Fixer Uppers- so good!). Not a terribly complicated project, but I love the finished look. If I had a few more small hoops, I would totally make a whole wall full of these guys! What Christmas crafts have you been up to?

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