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Master Mood Board

I’ve always loved the idea of virtual mood boards. They are such a fun way to visualize decorating ideas before actually spending time/money on anything. I took a stab at my own this week. I made it as a Word document. hahaha. I’m so tech-y huh? These are some ideas we’ve been thinking about for our Master. No guarantee everything you see will actually happen, but it’s a nice jumping-off point. Boy, am I ready to be in the house already! I’m having design cravings like you wouldn’t believe.

master 2

1. Daniel and I have been dreaming about this easy (and inexpensive) fancy wall paneling project pretty much since the day we saw the house. The master has four walls, a few tiny windows, and a bunch of doors. Other than that, it doesn’t have a whole lot going for it in the way of architectural interest. So with some wood and paint, we’re gonna give it a bit of a facelift. This one’s at the very top of our extensive “New House Project List”

2. Next up we have a new bedding set. Daniel’s not sold on it and I can’t say I’m completely set on it either, but I know the room needs some pattern and I’m pretty much terrified of pattern on carpet, walls, or curtains. This bedspread seems like the safest option. If your interested, it’s at Target

3. The bottom color in the swatch (Ocean Kiss) is the color Daniel and I have picked to go above the wall treatment in our room. It’s calming, but not too pastel. It’s technically a Behr color, but most of our other color choices have been with Olympic, so we may be color-matching this one.

4. I’m planning to DIY these beauties and refinishing them with some of Annie Sloan’s chalk paint if I find a blue that matches nicely with the wall color. I’m trying really hard not to pick white furniture for the entire house. I have this issue with matching. Everything. It will be a challenge to break me, I fear.

5. Simple white curtains with some dark wood shades for our tiny bedroom windows. These are safe options, but I’m okay with that.

6. I do love me some vintage. I’m hoping to find some pretty frames to decorate a wall with. Possibly the wall about the bed? We shall see.

7. Lastly, I have been drawn to these clear apothocary-jar-esc lamps lately. These particular lamps are from Target, but are surprisingly pricey ($100 each? gross). I have seen similar at Hobby Lobby, so I may be holding out for a killer sale and getting them there.

So there you have it. I could get a little obsessive about mood boards. They are SUPER fun! Do you have any ideas for a room you want to try out with a virtual board first? I’d love to see it!

Our house closing is a week from today (if all goes well, fingers crossed)! Lots of BEFORE pictures to come!

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