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Kitchen Refresh Update 2

It has been an eventful few weeks, to say the least. Kitchen progress, airbnb guests coming and going amidst the kitchen chaos, and a few trips out of town for Daniel and I have seriously prolonged this job. So here is a kitchen update for you FINALLY.



So, overall in this space we have:

Purchased (and painted) new cabinet doors + painted the cabinet bases

Added new knobs and hinges

Replaced the microwave with a vent hood

Surrounded the fridge to make it look more intentional

Rreplaced the ceiling (install, paint, new crown molding, etc.).




But holy goodness, are we happy to be done with a few of the big items! We love our Conestoga doors that we purchased from The Cabinet Joint! If you aren’t familiar with Conestoga cabinets, they are fabulous. This super high end product has been around since the 60’s, and are now available as RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets through The Cabinet Joint. Since we only ordered doors, we didn’t have much “assembling” to do per se, but  that’s the beauty of this company! You order what you need and everything is custom built for you.


We made the decision to replace our venting microwave with this simple vent hood. If you remember, our microwave was like a dark black hole in the kitchen sucking out all the light. It was convenient there above the oven, but not exactly pretty. The cabinets above were hiding the duct work and were totally useless. We so prefer the new look! We still plan to add crown molding along the top of the cabinets to give them a more finished look.






We decided to keep our classic white kitchen, because who doesn’t love white? We sanded and filled holes in the base cabinets. Then we primed and painted them with two coats of white oil based paint tinted to my favorite white, Snowy Mount by Olympic. We went with oil based paint because we believe it holds up much better to heavy use than latex does, and we knew these cabinets would be getting DAILY use.  The finishing touch was the addition of the dark knobs and pulls that we found for super cheap on Ebay! 





Another project we have yet to tackle is the faucet. We considered replacing the entire sink/faucet combo while doing this refresh because it is a little sad to have a half-new, awesome kitchen and the other half notsomuch. We really just couldn’t justify that expense at this time though, so a cheaper option is to just replace the faucet. I think it will totally update the space! I am loving the faucet below from The Home Depot to coordinate with our dark knobs and drawer pulls.  It is their Moen Walden faucet in Mediteranean Bronze. Lovely, right?


Image via The Home Depot website.

So… there is a quick kitchen update. We are loving all the changes. In case you didn’t notice, I didn’t show you any ceiling pictures!!! there’s an interesting story that goes with that. Our ceiling is up and we LOVE it! But getting it up was a bit of a challenge. More on that in my next post.


Thanks for reading!


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