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I married a carpenter…

Daniel has offered to build lots of things for our new house. Before I married him, I didn’t even know he knew how to build things! He started acquiring tools while we still lived in the apartment, and shortly after moving, he dove into the dining room table project. Have you guys seen this table?


It’s stunning… and huge… and dark and mysterious. I LOVE it. He totally just taught himself how to build stuff!

When I showed him a picture of a console table I liked, he immediately responded with “I can build that” and I was all like “awesome, let’s do it! Like now. What do we need?” (I’m really impulsive and relatively impatient) Daniel doesn’t exactly work the same way I do. He’s very hard working and determined… but that comes AFTER a lot of planning, sketching, thinking, pondering, figuring… you get the idea. But man, when he gets to work, he makes beautiful furniture!

Console Table FullCheck out this stunner! We built this for the living room to help fill a gigantic empty wall. Here it is in our space:

Console table full room

This is the view when you walk in the front door. We essentially have the room split in half to create an “entrance/mud room area” and the actual living space. It was a big layout dilemma when we first moved in, and I’m not entirely sold, but I do love how the console table looks on that long, blank wall!

typewriterDaniel found this cute teal typewriter at a thrift store last week. He was so excited to tell me about it after he spotted it, but I wasn’t entirely sold. When we went back together to take a look, I still wasn’t sure, but the store owner sold it to us for $3 and I just couldn’t pass up the deal. I’m glad I didn’t, because it just looks so darn cute on this shelf! The rest of the decorations are kind of temporary. I’m still fiddling with it…

paper wreathI made this paper wreath at work from antique books pages, and then decided that I just had to have it in my house somewhere. I love the texture and vintage charm. I had a grand plan (I have lots of those) for an empty frame collage above the console table. I sprayed about 5 frames I had laying around in Oil Rubbed Bronze and they looked lovely. ORB is a shiny, almost black with hints of bronze shimmer. I’m wondering now if the dark frames with the dark table are too heavy for the room though. Now I’m thinking about painting the frames a crisp white… Thoughts anyone?

This is the post Daniel loosely followed for building the console table, if anyone is interested!

It’s beginning to look like fall… I saw some trees changing and the weather has been pleasantly mild here in the Tennessee Valley. I’ll be posting some fall inspiration soon!

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