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How to customize a desk {for under $50}

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Happy Monday! I wanted to stop in really quickly and show you how I customized by plain, white desk for under $50! After our yard sale this spring, I had a little spending money and found this super cute desk from Target. If you remember, I already kinda have a desk… Below is a picture of my sewing/crafting workspace. I am so thankful to have a place for all the crafty stuff to live. (the closet also has some shelving and storage)


desk callie


Unfortunately, this space is in the guest room that we are currently renting out through airbnb. That means I don’t have regular access to this desk. It’s not such a problem for sewing; I can hold off on projects until the room is empty and use it when it’s free. It is a problem for blogging and using my computer though. I had started setting up my computer at the dining room table, but then always felt the need to hide my stuff when someone was coming over, and that wasn’t super convenient. So now I have 2 desks! Goodness me, how did I get so lucky? Not having any kids in a big house helps I guess… also a very loving and understanding husband!

So, long story short, I got ANOTHER desk and chair. It has been really nice having a designated spot for my laptop, mouse, charge cord, and, of course, desk trinkets!



But you didn’t come here for pictures of paper clips and sticky notes. After using the desk for a bit, I felt like it needed a little… something. Some color, some character, some FUN. I found some amazing floral gift wrap from Rifle Paper Co. If you know me at all, you know I have an unhealthy obsession with this company. I have their notebooks (in numerous sizes), stickers sets, post cards, alphabet garland, and shopping list pads. I LOVE everything Anna creates. So, clearly, it wasn’t hard to fit her gift wrap into my decor in this room ($8.50 for 3 sheets here).



I used just under 2 sheets of the gift wrap and laid it on top of the desk, taping the seam from the under side so no tape was showing. I wasn’t able to line the pattern up, so there is a pretty clear seam down the center of the desk, but with such a busy pattern your eyes don’t really focus on it.



To protect the paper from heavy use, I bought a piece of thin plexiglass from the hardware store and had them cut it to the exact size of my desk ($26.98 from Lowes and they cut it fo’ FREE). I just laid that on top of the wrapping paper.



I switched out the basic, silver knobs with some knobs from Anthropologie (I think they were on sale for like $12/pair).



I love the finished product! This would be so easy to customize for ANY room. You can find really inexpensive wrapping paper at Home Goods and TJ Max in a huge variety of patterns. Literally endless possibilities. You could also do this for other pieces of furniture like some side tables, a coffee table, or a dresser.



I’m still deciding exactly how this room will be used long-term. It still has the small guest bed in it that I blogged about a few months ago here. As you can see, I have since painted the closet door pink and I’m slowly adding some office-related decor. It still seems a little foolish to have 2 office areas. Eventually we won’t be renting the guest room out and will need this room as a nursery, so this office area will need to move entirely to the other room. But for now, it’s a little space to play around and create in, so I’m happy. And thrilled I was able to add some PINK.

Thanks for reading!

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