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Herringbone Wall

After finishing up the guest room a few weeks ago, I’m already getting the itch for a new project! Daniel and I had several ideas to consider, so we sat down and discussed what we should tackle first. We are wanting to save up for a new couch or sectional for the living room, build a bookshelf to the finish up his office, purchase a pair of chairs for the living room and add a bench and floating shelves in the dining room. We agreed that the dining room would be a fun project to start with. We did some major renovation in this room last summer when we first moved in (previous posts here and here) but haven’t done much in the way of finishing touches. As a reminder, here’s what the room looks like now:

dining before

We’ve talked for a long time about adding a storage bench under the window and white floating shelves on either side. Today I was inspired to add some color to this wall before we start building and installing things. I love the herringbone accent wall in this adorable room featured on Project Nursery:

herringbone wall

We already have some navy blue in the room on the curtains and in some of the plates in the collage, so I’m planning to do this pattern in navy blue and white. As is pretty typical for me, just minutes after deciding what our plan was, I was ready to get started! I took down the curtains and little lunch sign and did the first coat of white paint. Here’s where we’re at:

dining after

It’s looking even more blah without the curtain and with a blank, white wall, but I’m so excited for the finished product! I’m hoping to tackle the taping and painting on Tuesday this week. I’ll keep you posted! Yay for new projects! Is anyone else tackling a new house project this week?

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