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Here we are!

I’m going to spend about 3 seconds here publicly shaming myself. It has been a horribly long time since my last post. Months in fact. There, I said it. I’m done.

We bought a house! It was a surprisingly painless process. I worried we would run into some rookie home-buying troubles, but we did it! We have spent lots of time and energy working on projects since our moving day in late March; some big and some small. We still have boxes (gah), empty walls, and unorganized cupboards, and now we’re out of cash. Well not completely, but this house purchase sure has depleted our funds. We are taking a step back from all our grand planning to practice a little patience- which isn’t all that fun.Wanna see some of our progress?Oh good! Lets start in the living room.

Here’s what it looked like when we very first saw the house:

living room B

Blah blah blah. We loved the refinished dark, glossy floors and the huge living space, but the boring walls and chocolate brown door-curtain-thingy needed to go.

Here’s the room facing the other way:

living room B2

And again with the hideous door-curtain.

Since then, we have painted the walls with Olympic One, Shell Flower . Daniel used the paint sprayer he first bought (and practiced with) when we lived in our apartment. That was an adventure. He also gave the ceiling a few coats of white to freshen it up. We added our meager furniture, placed a fabulous ficus tree in the corner and purchased a few rugs (gray from Ikea and the geometric from Target, Threshold.) The tree and rugs make a world of difference making the room feel more home-y.

living room A2


living room A

(Sorry the picture quality is so poor- we have misplaced the camera charger, so I’m stuck using my phone.)

As our finances allow, we plan to add a high-top table and chairs near the large window, a storage unit behind the couch, a mud room area to the right of the door, a new sofa and love-seat set, and possibly even a fireplace on the wall across from the entry door! We have lots of ideas for this room, but remember… we’re learning patience. More picture and posts in the coming weeks. I’m tackling house blogging a little at a time.

We are headed to NY tomorrow for a long weekend. I’m looking forward to my favorite ice-cream place fix and lots of family time. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!


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