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Guest Room #2

I wanted to share a room with you that you have seen very little of in the last 2 years. The former office, current secondary guest room was the very last room in the house to get a fresh coat of paint! THE ENTIRE HOUSE HAS BEEN PAINTED! and mostly by yours truly. Paint is the single best way to update a house and make it your own, allow my house to stand as the example. It looks nothing like it did when we moved in 2 years ago.

Here is a photo of the room pre-paint, post-office from about a year ago:


It was bad guys. This is where empty boxes, rejected craft projects, and extra Amazon inventory (and apparently that fish on the wall) went to die. A long, slow death. Sometimes it just has to get worst before it gets better, ya know? It has to get to that place of utter disaster before you decide “gosh, we really need to do something with this room.” At this point, Daniel had moved his home office from this room to the room directly off the living room. Our 4 bedroom house really is just too big for us at the moment. This room will make a great kids room someday, we just have no idea when we will be blessed with children. I was a little sick of having it looking like the above monstrosity, so I decided to go ahead and give it a neutral paint job and put Daniel’s old single bed in there in case we ever needed an extra guest room. We have actually used it several times, so I’m glad we finally did something with it.

Here are the afters:













This isn’t the finished product, but it’s so so so much better than it was! I LOVE the Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint on the ceiling and upper walls and the high chair rail trim that Daniel installed. It is the perfect marriage of white walls + color. As much as I love pictures of crisp white walls in magazines and on Pinterest, I just can’t seem to bite the bullet and go all white. I like pastels far too much to commit to that. We actually had this room listed on airbnb (curious about what that is? check out this post) but it was a bit too much. We can only handle so many strangers in the house at a time… We may as well open our own Bed and Breakfast with all the travelers coming and going. For now it just sits as is. I’m happy to have another place to play around with artwork and trade out pieces of furniture… and possibly host a few family members for the holidays. The dress form, courtesy of my Mother-in-law (Hi Marci!), has a lovely home here showing off her teal apron.

As always, thanks for reading!

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