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Guest Bath Update

Here’s the journey towards our gray and yellow guest bath!


While anxiously awaiting the commencement of the dining room project, I was inspired to get an early start on our ugly yellow guest bathroom. We had always planned to gut this room and replace all of the outdated yellow tiles some time down the road when we had the dining room all tidied up and had some extra cash to spend. Lately though, Daniel has been saying that the yellow floor tiles are growing on him. They are in perfect shape, other than being very dirty, so we decided to try out a grout cleaner to see if it was something we could work with.

guest bath4

We used this DuPont product that we picked up from Lowe’s. It worked well, but it was a hard job! I scrubbed each grout line with this toothbrush, with some help from Daniel at the end… my arms were SO sore the next few days. I added some bleach to the solution mid-way through, but the results seemed pretty consistent throughout, so I’m not sure it did much. Unfortunately, there is simply only so much dirt and so many stains you can get out of grout, and I believe I reached that limit. Here is a photo part way through the project to give you an idea of the success we had. The tiles look so much better/newer now!

guest bath5

The top half is scrubbed and looking good! If we were smart, we would seal the grout to prevent further stains and such… but it hasn’t happened yet.

Here is the rest of the room before we started the updates:

guest bath1

TOO MUCH YELLOW. While we have decided to keep the floor tiles, that tub and shower tile will go, eventually.

guest bath2

I wish we had this nice big vanity in our Mater Bath!

guest bath3

These shelves are handy, but they need a nice coat of white paint.

My color scheme for this room is yellow, white and gray with black accents. I plan to do a wide white and gray stripe on the walls,  gray and white shower curtain, window curtain, and floor mats, and black fixtures. This isn’t a project that will come together quickly, I’m afraid, but here’s my progress so far:

Guest Bath TO-DO:

Clean tile grout

Remove shower doors

Paint shelves

Sand walls

Install shower rod and curtain to hide some yellow!

Make window curtain and install curtain rod

Remove yellow tile baseboard

Replace tub

Replace shower tile (white subway tile or possibly even white penny tiles… they are freakin’ cute!)

Paint and install wide wood baseboard

Paint white and gray stripe walls

Replace all fixtures (shower head, faucet, vanity door knobs and hinges, door knob, and vanity light)

Paint mirror frame black

Decorate! shelves? framed prints in gray and yellow, towels, soaps and such, candles, etc.

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