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Fall Pumpkin Florals

Happy Fall! This week I hosted a Fall Pumpkin Floral arranging event in my home with a group of lovely ladies. We gutted pumpkins and filled them with beautiful dahlias, roses, eucalyptus, celosia, and berries. It was so fun to enjoy a night gathered together, creating pretty things!


pumpkin after, mine_Fotor

I found my flowers at a local wholesale flower provider and made a sample centerpiece in advance so I knew how everything would fit together. I made a recipe to keep it organized. I so wish I was one of those really gifted chalkboard artists, but sadly I am not.

Flower class sign

We used floral foam in a plastic floral dish to hydrate our flowers for this project. We traced the round dish and cut a hole in the pumpkin for the dish to fit nice and tight. We cleaned out the pumpkin guts the best we could and sprayed the inside with a 50/50 bleach water solution to prevent the pumpkin from rotting and molding.

pumpkin prep

I was able to find a nice mix of fall flowers with lots of color and texture and SMELL.

Flower class

We started our arrangement with dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus to begin the shape.





Next, we layered in the accent and focal flowers, being sure to use sharp cuts on each stem. We spread the focal flowers out around all sides of the pumpkin so it would look pretty from every seat at the table.

flower class2


flower class3

These ladies did awesome, so pretty!

pumpkin class4





pumpkins after


Group shot


I’m already thinking up ideas for future flower events. Christmas wreaths, spring centerpieces or colorful summer bouquets would be so fun to make too!


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