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Fall is Finally here!


It’s officially fall. I’ve been dressing for this weather for several weeks, already did some fall baking (apple pies and pumpkin bread), and bought several seasonal candles. I’ve been ready for this season for some time now. I think I took fall for granted when I was growing up. Upstate NY is one of the loveliest places in the whole country at this time of year. The rolling hills and valleys of vibrant trees changing on the banks of the Hudson River are post-card-worthy. But to me, fall meant winter was creeping in and I HATED winter. Winter in NY meant cold mornings waiting for bus, dirty snow piles, shoveling the driveway, splitting wood for the wood stove, and cold tiles under my feet in the bathroom. The first snow was always fun and we had lots of fun cuddling by the wood stove and building snowforts, but the cold and dreariness lasted far too long to validate the fun times.  In TN, fall means several months of cool temperatures, walks over the bridge, fall festivals and farm stands and a nice long break from the air conditioning. Winter isn’t nearly so harsh here, so I’m welcoming it this year.

Ok, now I’m getting wordy. All that to say, I decorated the house a bit for the season, something I really haven’t done much since we moved here in March. I didn’t do a ton, as we are still working on some areas of the house at this point.

vintage table 1

vintage books

So I’m not like super proud of this table display, but it’s cute and it contains stuff I already had around the house, so that’s always nice. I made the photos all vintage-y to make them look a tad better. This is good stuff here guys… tricks of the trade.


I got this free fall print that I framed for my table, courtesy of the Jones Design Company, if you wanna go grab one for yourself. It is an image of a watercolor she painted! Sure wish I had those skills.

mums punkins kale


You’ll notice in the background the lovely blue striped rug that sorta hides the gross broken-red-tile-pavers on our porch. Sometimes you just have to work with what ya’ got. I am thankful to have a porch, I’ll count my blessings.

fall wreath 2

My favorite part is the little “welcome fall” sign I made. Cuteness!

welcome fall

In other news… I did end up painting the frames that I’m planning to hang above the console table. They were formerly sprayed with Oil Rubber Bronze spray paint, but then I got worried that it was too much dark on the sunny yellow wall.

Here’s what a few of them looked like previously:

Console Table FullAnd how do you like em’ now?

white frames

I still haven’t decided how I want to arrange them and I think I want to add a few more, maybe even some little round ones to make it look more eclectic and less symmetrical. I love the look and feel of this little sitting area:


Moving along now…. the den project has finally begun. (Just the doorway really) We have had this idea for a while so the other day we just kinda went for it. We would like to make the doorway between the living room and den a sliding barn-style door. Like this or this.

den doorway

We already took out the old door and door frame.  I already like it better because the old door blocked a good part of the wall in the den when it stood open, and no it won’t! We have been looking for a salvaged door to fit this space, but it may be harder to find than we first thought. We need a door wide enough and tall enough the completely cover the opening and the molding around. Daniel is entertaining the idea of just building a door to be the perfect size for the space… we shall see. How exactly does one go about building a door? I betcha Daniel can figure it out.

There you have it folks. A peak at out home in the fall, and a few of our current projects. Happy October everyone!

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