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Easy Peasy Stripes

I did it! I was doubtful, but I actually successfully completed a wall treatment on my bump-tastic walls. I’ve been a little grumpy about my walls ever since we moved in. Our home was built in the 50’s and any walls that were not added or refinished since then are BUMPY plaster over some kind of early version of Sheetrock. That means i can’t stencil, wall paper, add boarder, lay vinyl, or paint stripes… at least that’s what I thought. I was reading a blog and saw pictures of a bumpy-walled bathroom with adorable wide stripes! The lines of the stripes were perfectly crisp and straight! I was thrilled. So I read about the technique and did it in my craft room!


Here’s the deal:

To get a nice, crisp paint line on bumpy walls, the trick is to seal your tape line with paint. I chose to do white and gray stripes in this room, so I started with two coats of white paint and then measured and taped off my lines with Frog Tape (great stuff, btw).

Next I painted the edge of the tape with the same white (Snowy Mount by Olympic) that I used for the base. There may have been some bleeding at the paint edge at this point, but it was the same color bleeding through, so it didn’t matter, and the white paint essentially sealed the edge of the tape to the wall. I finished by going over the edge again and filling the stripe in with my gray color.

And viola! An adorable striped wall on a not-so-adorable bumpy wall.

The “Oh-so-sweet” strawberry print is a FREE printable from Jones Design Co. Perfect for summer! Enjoy!

Stay tuned for a full guest/craft room reveal (hopefully with better pictures)! I’m so excited about this room getting finished up, I can hardly stand it! Confession: I walk into this room multiple times a day just to look at the lovely stripes and pretty pink and mint accents. This is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house!

Also, here’s my puppy. She loves having her picture taken! I hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

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