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Dining room tour

I’m so pleased with our new counters! It felt like it took forever for them to get installed after a few weeks of production and then a snow delay. I’m only showing you the new butler’s pantry counter- you’ll have to wait for the kitchen tour to see our new island!




Now that the counters are done, our next big upcoming project is built-ins on the wall behind the dining table. There will be 2 shelving units on either side of the window with a bench connecting them for seating on that side of the table. We found some cabinets at Ikea that we think will work. I still need to see them in person to be sure, but here are the ones we like the best so far:


I’m a little worried about the color being too far off from the trim color in the rest of the room- the picture makes it look like grainy white-washed wood instead of a nice solid painted finish, and I am NOT volunteering to paint both cabinets inside and out. Too much cabinets painting in my life right now (which reminds me, look for the storage cabinet reveal coming soon)



You can find these cute latte bowls at anthropologie.com


I’m just loving this maidenhair fern in the large black lantern (Ikea)!


Our new wall clock above and the cute lunch sign below are from World Market!


Thanks for stopping by and checking out another room in the Leake home!

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