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Dining Room Revamp

Our sad, sad dining room is finally going to get a badly needed facelift.

dining room

When we first looked at the house, we knew the walls weren’t in the best shape. Our house was built in the 50’s and a lot of the original walls are yucky textured plaster. We didn’t realize until we moved into the space that our dining room walls are actually plaster? over the original wood paneling.

dining wood

See? Gross.

The wood is warping under the plaster, or whatever it is, so our original plan to sand the walls as smooth as possible and slap on a fresh coat of paint isn’t gonna cut it.  My parents will be parking their RV in our backyard next month and they will be helping us gut the whole room!

Goodbye beadboard

dining window

Goodbye nasty old window.

dining window 2

But my little rooting succulents can stay if they like!


Since we will basically be down to the studs when we peal off all of the beadboard, baseboards, crown molding, plaster, and wood paneling, we would like to widen this doorway between the dining and living rooms.

dining to living

This will mean more light in the dining room and a better flow between the living and eating spaces.

We also will be adding a wood paneling treatment to the ceiling to hide this nasty mess:


I am liking this product from Lowe’s, but we still have some shopping to do to be sure.

The final step in the process will be creating a wall of built-ins around the dining room window with a storage bench that will act as seating for half of the table. We like this example. I’m ready to get in there and make these ideas actually happen!

Oh, and look who we brought home on Friday…


Macy Baby! We absolutely adore her!

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