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12 Sewing Projects


12 projects

Have you seen the #100days challenges that are going around Instagram? It’s a creative challenge where you do something for 100 days (maybe not necessarily in a row, but 100 total). Some people are taking a picture a day for 100 days, doing 100 tiny paintings, working out or practicing an instrument for 100 days. I follow a lettering artist on Instagram who is challenging herself to make 100 new lettered designs (Brim Papery). I follow another creative who called her challenge “100 plants on fabric” and she handmade textiles for a quilt (elisejoy). I love the idea. Basically, it can be whatever you want.

I tried to think of something I could challenge myself to do for 100 days and how to document it and how exactly I would fit that into my schedule. I’m not sure I could stay dedicated to a project for that long (I really like variety). I decided I am not doing a #100days challenge. Instead, I started writing down and taking screenshots of sewing projects I really want to try. I am a self-taught sewer. I mostly make quilts and pillow cases, but I was gifted a new sewing machine for my birthday from Daniel and I’m anxious to start using it. 100 sewing projects seemed overwhelming, so I came up with 12 projects.


Here are the 12 I aim to do by the end of the year.

1. Hair bows: The bows pictured are by this super cute company called Wunderkin Co (find them on Instagram). I won’t necessarily be making these exact bows, but I plan to find a similar pattern to make with my large collection of fabric scraps.



2. Maypole Quilt: I purchased the pattern to make this quilt from SuzyQuilts. I seriously love her modern quilt designs. I actually have already started on this quilt and it was a super easy quilt top to make. Now I’m just waiting on my new sewing machine to arrive to finish it up!



3.  Double Zipper Pouch: I found the pattern for these cute pouches via Instagram from a company called lbg Studio. I am a zipper novice, so this should be fun!



4.  Bento Bag: These cuties look super easy to make and would be a fun way to wrap up a gift (like maybe something freshly baked). This particular image is from Google.



5.  Seeing Double Quilt: This quilt pattern is by Then Came June. I am excited to play with some bright colors and fun patterns for this one!



6.  London Backpack: Another pattern by lbg Studio. Again, I have never sewn anything this complex, so this will be a challenge.



7.  Pot Holders: I love these by Amy Sinibaldi (who also designs really pretty fabric). These would make a great gift!



8.  Warrior Quilt: Another quilt by SuzyQuilts!



9.  “Grace” Quilt or similar: I love this super simple quilt by Second Stitch to the Right. I’m actually not sure if she sells the pattern or not. I may have to make this one up myself, but the solid backing and striped binding are so stinking cute!

Grace quilt


10.  Sew Powerful Purse: I downloaded this pattern forever ago and never sat down to actually make a purse. The company that created the pattern (Liberty Jane) sends their donated purses to a village in Zambia so the girls have a way to bring feminine hygiene items to school with them so they don’t miss class. Check them out!



11.  Circle Baby Blanket: I LOOOOOVE this baby blanket concept from grounded.co. While theirs are backed with real vegan leather, mine will probably be made with cotton. I really just like the circle shape and the dark contrast of the binding!



12.  Inside Out Star Quilt: This is seriously gorgeous! By Then Came June
Inside Out Star Quilt



I’m excited about this challenge and I hope it will really improve my sewing abilities. I don’t generally love following patterns, but I have already purchased and downloaded a few that go with these projects and I know I will need to just give it a try and see how it goes. I will keep you posted when I get them finished, hopefully by the end of the year!


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  1. Renea says:

    Jaime, really like this idea ! Can’t wait to see what you make…

  2. Cal Mae says:

    Andie’s quilt that you made is traveling with us to Canada! We love it 🙂

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