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Project Weekend!

I figured out why I can’t ever finish projects… I’m working on far too many at one time. Here are just a few of the things we worked on this weekend!


I have been anxiously waiting for this wallpaper to arrive in the mail for a few weeks and it finally came! Luckily it came before my Mother left for her cross-country trek. She has lots of wallpaper experience, and I learned as much as I could while helping her.


I just LOVE how it turned out.


This room still needs some shelves, curtains, a cute rug, and some laundry-themed prints on the walls… too many projects and not nearly enough time/money. Story of my life.


Our laundry room was formerly in our dining room. When we moved the laundry to the empty room beside the den, we were left with a very poorly built laundry closet in the dining room that needed to go. Whoever installed the laundry unit painted the original wood floors and laid laminate flooring over it. UGH. It has been challenging  to remove, to say the least! We are planning to make this area into a butler’s pantry, so we only needed to refinish the section that would be visible in front of the cabinets.


After we stripped and sanded down the area, we applied stain and it covered the worn area like magic!


This was such a rewarding project! Hard, but very rewarding.


It almost looks like it was never painted in the first place!

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