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My Upside Down Paper Heart

2 months and 16 days. That’s how long it’s been since my last post. I’m a failure at this blog thing. If it counts for anything, I started/accomplished lots of projects in the last few months and thought about updating the blog MANY times. But lets be honest… all of that really counts for nothing.


So here are a few of the projects I tackled… I tried loving the yellow walls. I really, truly did. (more on that here) They lasted over a year and a half! But the hubs and I decided it just wasn’t working. But painting may not be his most favorite thing in the world to do. So while he was away one long weekend, I tackled the project myself!

living room1

I color matched a Sherwin Williams color (Sea Salt) to my favorite paint, Olympic One from Lowes. I have loved this color for a while! I think I found it on Pinterest initially. Then I bought a little sample to see it in person. I tried using it when I painted the guest/craft room, but already had other shades of mint on the hutch and peg board, so it wasn’t working and I went gray.

living room2

But here. In the living room. It is glorious! At all times of day and night. With lights on and lights off and yellow lamps glowing and even with my weird mix of dark furniture. (still working on that BTW) It’s soft and lovely and calm and bright. Even Daniel approves! My parents lent us this large tan rug. It’s probably not what I would have picked for myself, but I like how it lightens up the room and makes it look cozier. Especially with the weather as winter-like as it is here currently. Cozy is good.

living room5

We also added this little cutie of a table. Daniel brought this family heirloom back with him from KS (while I was painting, remember?). I used a little MMS antiquing oil to freshen up the dry wood and it’s looking so handsome here at the entry.

living room7

Also, there’s a stag on my wall. And above him, an upside down paper heart. Can you find it? I made this stag. With blood, sweat, and tears. Nahh, just kidding. I made it with a Stag template, a razor blade, and some pretty thick poster board. You can find the template here if you’re interested. Now, I’m not gonna say this was an easy project, nor am I going to show you my progress photos (I was far too involved in watching Gilmore Girls and trying not to slice off a finger. Plus I find that photo taking really slows down my crafting. I’m like the world’s worst DIY blogger. Seriously) This literally took me hours to do. And It’s not even perfect if you look closely. And I didn’t have all the needed supplies so it required a trip to the office supply store. But I am a very determined person with marginal craft skills, and I got it done. So if you want a deer, head, stag, bust, antler thingy, you can totally make one yourself! Or you can buy this really pretty one from World Market for 50 bucks. GET IT!? BUCKS!? As in deer… I used a block of wood covered with a wallpaper scrap and an empty white frame to mount my stag. I’m thrilled with it! And I didn’t even have to kill a deer! Win!

living room3

Also, did you spot my new polka dot hallway? GET IT?! SPOT! Wow, I need to stop that. I made this accent wall without measuring anything. Cuz that’s how I roll. Also, notice the lack of progress pics… But it was pretty easy. I cut out the circles on gold vinyl with my Silhouette vinyl cutter. This was like a half hour project. Totally doable. If you want anything cut out of vinyl, lemme know. I will hook.you.up. It may or may not cost you, depending on the project. I’m talking car decals, window decals, door signs, wall quotes, accent walls, mail box numbers… you name it! Vinyl cutters are the bombdotcom.

living room4

Close up. You didn’t ask, but I read your mind. I’m good like that.

So there’s some living room progress. Up soon are the dining room bench, cleaning closet reveal, and the 2nd guest room progress. Who’s excited??

Thanks for reading!!

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