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Guest Bedroom Reveal

While Daniel was away a few weeks ago (hunting down product for his Amazon business), I made it my goal to get the guest room painted during my lonely evenings. You already saw the striped wall I pulled off here and the corner cabinet I refinished here. I also painted the ceiling, baseboards, closet door, and the other 3 walls in the room. Here’s what we started with:

guest bed after 3

Obviously I didn’t clean for the before pictures…

guest bed before 2

We originally had a twin bed with some old bedding and a dresser that I got for free and refinished a few years ago.

guest bed before

This is the original wall color that has been here since we moved in the house. The room across the hall (future nursery, current box room) has the same color and is the only remaining room in the entire house that has yet to be painted!! That’s a lot of painting!

guest bed before 3

This bed frame was a great find that I picked up about a year ago from our neighbors and I’ve been saving it all this time for the guest room to finally come together! I was so happy to finally get it in the space!

milk paint

I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Apron Strings to transform the bed from boring to fabulous! If you are looking for some really great customizable milk paint in amazing colors, you need to check out MMSMP. She has tons of info about her line of products on her website and she is one of my favorite blogs to follow.

And now what you’ve all been waiting for… the afters:

guest bed 6


guest bed 3

Capiz Pendant Light from World Market

guest bed 5

My little sewing station

guest bed 4

I was actually running out of wall space in the room, so I added the cork board and banner to the newly painted closet door.


guest bed 7

The coral print was a gift from my dear friend Meredith!

guest bed 8

The burlap print above and the floral quote print are from this great new site I found with lots of FREE printables. Check out The Elli Blog for more!

guest bed 9


guest bed


Most of the bedding above I found at Target.

guest bed 2

I’m really happy with this space. The room’s not entirely done though. I still need to find a way to mount the bed frame to get it a little higher off the floor. I would also love to add more embroidery hoops all the way up the wall above the bed. And then there’s the problem of storage. Switching out the twin bed for a queen meant I had to remove the dresser you saw earlier. I have plenty of storage in the room for my crafting stuff, but I realize we may need some additional storage for guests.

guest bed 10

I would love to add a small nightstand  beside the bed to solve this dilemma, but the space between the bed and the open door is really narrow. I was thinking maybe just a shelf on this wall would at least give quests a place to rest a book or a phone.

world market

Finally I have a few more ideas for art, including this canvas from World Market that I would love to work into the space (I mean seriously, are those not the perfect colors for this room). I also really think the room needs a rug to soften the huge amount of hardwood floor in the center of the room. I’ll keep you posted!

guest room before and after

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  1. Aunt Leesi says:

    Ahhhhmazing! Beautiful!

  2. amy cook says:

    Jamie! This is amazing! I want to be a guest! I also want you to come to our new house and make it beautiful!

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