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We have lived in Chattanooga for 5 years this spring! How has it been that long already? It feels like home, kinda. Chattanooga is where most of my family has relocated to. It is where we first met our dog, Macy. It is the city my niece was born in and the city we were married in. For those reasons, it feels like home. It also feels like I’m still visiting sometimes. I don’t always know the fastest ways to get around, I can’t pass by my high school or bump into my Science teacher at Publix. It is certainly not my HOMEtown, but we do love a lot about Chattanooga.

Here are a few of our favorites!

Food (Lunch & Dinner):

Terminal Brewhouse- We love their Festo Burgers and White Shadow beer

Food Works- Great for a southern inspired meal and they have an amazing weekend Brunch menu. I especially love the Bruschetta appetizer and Chicken & Waffles from their brunch menu.

Taco Mamacita- A fun environment and great tacos! My favorite is the Taco Royale

Southside Social- Chattanooga’s version of the Nashville Pinewood Social, and I think we do it better! Tons of indoor/outdoor games and yummy food.

Community Pie- This hip thin-crust pizza place is great in warm weather when they open up the windows. They aldo serve Gelato, which is delicious.

The Hot Chocolatier- We often walk here after a Terminal burger for dessert.


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