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Hi, I’m Jamie.

I love my Golden Retriever, Macy and my Husband, Daniel


My dream is to own a big Farmhouse in the country (for the lovely views, not so much for the livestock and farming)

I dabble in crafting, interior design and decorating

My favorite season will always be Spring (and I hate Winter, thanks New York) Fall is a close second

I am a reserved and hesitant person by nature: not the first to jump up and volunteer or the one craving adventure and excitement.

But through this blog, I am trying to become inspired to try new things, and I want you to join me. I want you, too, to be inspired to try a craft you’ve never tried or to learn a new skill. Paint a whole room while your husband is out of town or hammer some nails into the walls even if you aren’t entirely sure. Sew a quilt or design a piece of clothing (both are on my list). Take a class, online or in your community. Tell me what you learn!

Check out my “Inspired to” tap to see what I’m reading, listening to, making, and doing. I hope you are inspired to try something new.

Daniel and I live in a 1950’s single-story brick home in Chattanooga,TN. I am originally from the North East and Daniel grew up in Colorado. We never imagined ending up together in Tennessee, but we are so happy to be here! Check out my Chattanooga tab for all of our favorite things to do in our city!

Want to stay in our home? Check out our airbnb listing and book a stay with us!



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  1. Amber says:

    I absolutely love your blog!! Keep up the good work! Your house is perfectly charming, and… Didn’t we write years ago about opening our own B&B? Well, you and Daniel would do a fantastic job!! You’d be Lorelai from Gilmore Girls!

    Love you. Love reading your blog!

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