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A Moldy Hutch and Updates

I found a treasure. It was sitting right outside the back doors at work. Under a tarp. Bringing joy and happiness to absolutely no one. It’s an old wooden hutch with scalloped shelves and a rounded panel backing. I really think it came into my life at just the right time though. Every since we (mostly) finished Daniel’s new office, I have been dreaming about my own workspace, and this hutch fit the craft/guest room perfectly!

hutch before

Here she is in all her glory. Dark mold growing on the old wood, yellowed wood panel backing and an electrical cord of some sort keeping the doors closed. I think it has been sitting outside at my workplace for at least a year. I was so excited when someone was doing some cleanup outside and uncovered it, so I coerced my Dad into driving it home for me one afternoon. Daniel sprayed it with the powerwashed to get it cleaned off, but the mold still clung to the old paint. Even though the color wasn’t terrible (I’m a teal girl all the way after all) I couldn’t deal with the mold and the yellowed panels, so I painted the entire piece with a primer/sealer and finished it with my favorite mint and a fresh coat of white on the wood panels in the back.

hutch after edit

I just love the finished product! It is the perfect place to store some crafting supplies and keep the silhouette vinyl cutter handy, but out of site.




I picked up these minty crystal knobs the last time I was at the Atlanta Anthropologie with another project in mind, but I think they are just perfect here! Now that this room has a nice colorful focal piece, I feel better about going with a bright white on the walls. The trim and ceiling in this room also need a fresh coat of paint. I snagged an old metal Queen bed frame from a road sale last summer, so after that gets a coat of paint, some new bedding, and a headboard of some kind, this room will be about done! How exciting!

I have worked on a few other projects lately that I thought I would share with you. I am loving my diy rope hanging planter.

hanging plantIt was a breeze to make and so stinking fun! the pot and pothos (plant) are from the Barn Nursery here in Chattanooga and I found the cotton rope on Amazon. I followed this tutorial almost exactly to make my planter, but there are a million variations out there. (it looks more complicated than it actually is) I seriously want to put one in EVERY ROOM!

Yesterday, Daniel helped me convert the boring coffee table into a super awesome, trendy, useful, amazing coffee table with casters. (ok so it might not be that cool…)

coffee table

I added padding and fabric to this FREE coffee table over a year ago while we were still living in the apartment. It has worked fine for us since then. Fine just fine. But then I wondered how amazing it would be with some casters. So Daniel cut a few inches off of each leg (it was too tall to comfortably prop our feet on, so he took off about 6 inches). Then he added the 4 casters and BAM it’s like a new piece of furniture. The fabric has taken a beating in the last year with feet and dogs and food, etc. so I am going to go over it with a carpet cleaner and see how that does, but it seriously is so much more awesome now! I can move it out of the way when I’m vacuuming or when I want to curl up and snuggle my pup who’s laying just under my feet beside the couch. So… what else can I put casters on?

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